Class Levels

Intermediate- For those that have taken at least 5 All Level Pilates Reformer classes or have Prior Intermediate Pilates experience and know how to make their own modifications, if needed.  You will have learned these modifications after attending the All Level, Beginner class or Private session.


  • You are completely new to Pilates
  • You have taken a Pilates Mat class but not a Pilates Reformer class
  • Your last Pilates class/private was over a month ago
  • You have issues with a part of your body that needs modification
  • You are over age 60
  • You have any mobility issues
  • You are pre/post natal
All Levels – Is for all those who are familiar with doing Pilates on the Pilates Reformer.  And have completed one of the following:
  • Pilates Orientation Intro Class at Rebound Pilates
  • 3 Private Classes at Rebound Pilates
  • Or have recent Pilates Reformer experience and have been cleared to join class
But if you are experienced this class is also for you too.  Just let your instructor know your class level.  Bring your water and grip socks, and be ready for a great workout!

Advanced Level is only for those who are ready to go beyond the Intermediate level and onto more balancing and strength exercises.  Not  for beginner’s, modifications or first time pilates clients.  Ask an Instructor if you have any questions.

Tone and Sculpt

50 minutes using the Pilates Reformer to tone, sculpt and stretch your body back into alignment. Learn proper form and how to get the right muscles to fire up and engage, taking unnecessary stress off your back and neck.  Challenge your balance with different exercise sequences on the Reformer. Reformer classes are based on classical Joseph Pilates teachings.  Beginner, All Level and Intermediate Levels.

Jump Board

50 min. This class fuses circuits of Jump board with super effective and focused core exercises to give you that strong and chiseled midsection. The Jump board employs the principles of plyometrics to train coordination, strengthen muscles and burn calories. It attaches to the end of the reformer and allows you to get cardio aerobic training with very little stress or impact on the joints, and the springs help the muscles tone without bulking. It’s great for athletes because it develops and strengthens the fast twitch muscles in the quadricep without compression, helping to improve speed, agility and power. The Jump Board is a great alternative to traditional cardio and is recommended for anyone looking to strengthen lower body joints, get relief from osteoporosis or just looking to get a more intense Pilates workout!

Barre and Sculpt

50 min. Barre class is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can. Small Classes make it even better and a lot more fun!

In some classes, you’ll use just the barre and your body weight to churn out rep after rep of muscle-burning moves, while others incorporate tools like resistance bands, sliders, free weights, and exercise balls.

With Active recovery breaks on the mat, you’ll work your abs fired up, you can bet you’ll sculpt a stronger, more defined core.