What Should I bring/wear to class? How Early Should I Arrive Prior to Class Start Time?

Please arrive no earlier than 10-5 minutes prior to your class start time.  If the door is closed, please be patient and the instructor will let you in once she is ready.

We provide towels and a water dispenser.  But you are welcome to bring your own too.  Wear clothes that you are comfortable working out in.  Men, please wear tight under armor or bicycle shorts/leggings and then regular shorts over them, this way everyone in the class can be comfortable working out.  Please bring your grip socks. They are also available for purchase for $10 at the studio. Masks are optional for vaccinated participants but required for unvaccinated participants, even with a negative test.

You must wear grip socks during classes and privates.  Grip socks help you from falling / slipping when you start to perspire and are more sanitary.  We have grip socks for sale for $10.

What is the Free Pilates Orientation Class? and do I need to attend?

If you are a first-time user of Pilates Reformer you will need to attend a Free Orientation Class taking place every other Saturday at 10:30am for 45 minutes. You will then be assessed and placed in the class that matches your level. This way everyone can benefit for the class they are attending.

Why are we not using cloth straps/handles?

In this Covid-19 time we are diligent in sanitizing and disinfecting all equipment. Our straps are vinyl for easy cleaning. If you wish to use cloth straps you can purchase them on your own and bring them to class.

What is the difference in your 30 day use pricing and regular class packages?

The membership packages must be used within 30 days, and requires 24 hours cancellation notice to avoid being charged the full class fee.

The regular class packages have and longer expiration times and still require 24 hours cancellation notice to avoid being charged the full class fee.

What is the difference between the 30 day Packages?

30 day package classes are to be used within in 30 days of your first attended class. You have 24 hours prior to class time to cancel your reservation without being charged.   After the 30 days you can renew your membership.  There are no fees for using auto pay.

This is ideal for those who want to stay regular in their routine and attend class 2-3 times a week.

How many times can I purchase the First Class Free? And Private Intro pack?

You can only use First Class Free once. You can only purchase the 3 Private Intro Package once.

Is there a specific body type that can do the Barre and Pilates Reformer?

Not really a specific body type but more experience with the equipment and having good body awareness.  It is highly recommended to start with privates if you have never taken a Pilates Reformer, especially if you have specific issues that need attention prior to coming to class.  You can purchase a 3 Private Intro Package for $210.  You can still take your First Class Free, once you’ve completed the privates.

Starting with Barre and Sculpt is tricky if you have knee, back and shoulder issues. Or if you haven’t exercised with isometric movements before.  There’s definitely a burn in the muscles from the buildup of lactic acid but it is something you get used to while you keep getting stronger. Please let your instructor know of any modifications you would need during class.

Always let your instructor know your concerns and health issues before starting class.

I’m trying to cancel my class reservation online and the program won’t allow it?

This may be because you have passed the limit of time to cancel you reservation.  We realize there may be special circumstances in needing to cancel.  You can reach us at (818) 359-3750.

What does All Level class mean?  What is an Intermediate Class?

Because the classes are small, it’s ok to take them at the ALL Level.  Just let your instructor know what your level of experience you have.  However, the exception to that would be attending the Intermediate.  It would be helpful to have Pilates Reformer class experience whether the classes were taken at Rebound Pilates or another studio.  Feel free to call Talin at (818) 359-3750, if you have any questions. 

I’ve purchased my Private Sessions (or Semi-Private) online, how do I schedule my sessions?

All Private and Semi Private sessions are booked directly through Talin.  You can call or text 818-359-3750, or email talin19@gmail.com.