Talin Titizian

Pilates has been a part of my fitness regime for the past 15 years.  I first fell in love with Pilates after I started it as a rehab for my back and after my two epidural’s from child labor left my back wrecked.  I loved Pilates so much I decided to leave my career as a Production Coordinator in the music industry and became a full time Pilates Instructor.

I started learning the classic East-Coast Style of Pilates with Master Instructor, Jill Cassady.   Jill had studied and then worked for Romana Kryzanowska at Drago’s Gym for 2 years.  Jill is one step away from Joseph Pilates, and is recognized as the ONLY  Trainer in all of California to have worked in Romana’s studio with her for years.  

After completing my 8 month certification in 2005 with Pilates Technique,  my education of Pilates and the human body has never stopped.  I continue learning through various workshops, books and articles on pre-post natal Pilates, back pain, misalignment issues, weight loss management and injury rehab.  Along with my experience working alongside top Pilates and fitness trainers in the city,  I decided the time had come to open my own Pilates studio in my own neighborhood and make everything Pilates accessible to Everyone.  

I have also certified in Personal Training with the NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) and have developed a cardio routine using the Bellicon Rebounder trampoline for a fun, and less pain inflicting calorie burn.  Think of it as a boot camp that saves your joints and works your muscles!

Another method I am certified in is The Melt Method.  It is a fascia hydrating method in the hands, feet, back and neck.  It helps in loosening tight muscles that cause back pain.  This method along with the practice of Pilates helps in pain management.

Nicky Cassinera

Nicky is a Miami transplant who after years of working in Los Angeles in the start up / modeling agencies decided to change careers and pursue her passion – Pilates.  And we are all benefiting from her life changing decision. Her high energy demeanor is a driving point in her classes, providing you with an intense and satisfying workout.

Nicky has put in many hours working alongside Balanced Body Master trainer, Maria Leone.  Nicky is around Pilates daily and brings the insights she experiences into all her classes and training methods.